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Brief Biography

I am a  Ph.D. student in Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) at Virginia Tech State University in Blacksburg. My research areas include systems resilience, reliability and sustainably especially in health care and humanitarian context. I believe that innovation happens at the interference of disciplines, which has led me to study more than one discipline. I completed my  Bachelor in Electrical Engineering at King Fahd University in 2010 which gave me a sound technical base. Then I worked briefly in Saudi ARAMCO as an engineer. During my work at ARAMCO, I recognized the critical role of non-technical factors (e.g. managerial, financial, social) into the success or failure of engineering systems. I was also interested in exploring the business aspects alongside the technical aspects of engineering. Even though I was thriving at ARAMCO, I realized that my curiosity and desire for more exploration and research could be fully fulfilled through pursuing my graduate studies to become an academic.  A new chapter of my academic journey began when I attended Arizona State University (ASU) in 2012. My thirst for knowledge continued at ASU as I started a master’s degree program in Industrial Engineering (IE) while concurrently undertaking a master’s degree in Social and Cultural Pedagogy (SCP) at the Social transformation School. My master’s degree in IE allowed me to build on my engineering background and helped me to develop a business mindset. My studies at the School of Social Transformation enhanced my qualitative and interdisciplinary research skills. Besides, it enabled me to recognize how engineering and technological innovation can catalyze or impede sustainable development. Thus, I became so passionate to prepare future engineers to be well-informed in technical and nontechnical areas as well as socially responsible. My research interest cross three fields:  Engineering ( designing quality systems, performance measurement, process development, healthcare systems engineering, ), interdisciplinary research (disaster and risk management, resilience, sustainability, policy ), and social science( science and technology in society, engineering studies and education, critical theory). Research methods and tools that I use: quantitative( System Dynamics, Statistics, Process Mapping, Data Envelopment Analysis ) quantitative (critical theories, survey, ethnography, interview )

My plans are academically oriented and are concentrated on teaching and conducting research in industrial and system engineering. My ultimate goal is to serve local and global society through leadership positions in academia to improve higher education as well as assisting the prosperity and development of other sectors since I believe that education is a key in sustainable development.



  • Ph.D. of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering Expected   May 2022
    Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA, USA
  • Master of Science in Industrial Engineering                                      May 2015
    Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA
  • Master of Arts in Social and Cultural Pedagogy                                 May 2015
    Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering                                    Feb 2010
    King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Dhahran, KSA

Graduate Certificates and Diplomas

Conference Presentations

  • Ba-Aoum, M (Jun 2019) Demystifying the Principles, Promises, and Challenges of Participatory Design  in a Humanitarian Engineering Context, Engineering, Social Justice and Peace Conference in New York, USA
  • Ba-Aoum. M, Davis. K, ( Jan 2019) Fostering Sustainable Development and Ecological world in Engineering Education, The Earth Charter International  Education Conference, SanJose, Costa Rica
  • Ba-Aoum, Mohamed ( Jan 2017)Humanizing Engineering Education through Critical Pedagogy, International Conference on Modern in Jeddah, KSA Jan 2017
  • Ba-Aoum , Mohammed, (Oct. 2016) Comprehensive Model for Fostering Humanitarian Engineering Education Paper,  IEEE: Global Humanitarian Technology Conference in Seattle, WA.USA
  • Ba-Aoum, Mohammed (June 2015) Educating Humanitarian Engineers at school and Beyond, Paper Presented at School of Social Transformation Conference in Tempe, AZ, USA

Short courses

  • Education for Sustainable Development Youth Leadership Training             2017
    3 days of leadership training on Sustainability provide by UNESCO in Beirut, Lebanon
  • Project Management Professional Course                                                            2016
    5-day course (35 hours) offered by Saudi Council of Engineers to prepare for PMP certificate
  • Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development                                       Nov.2016      Online course offered by the UN Institute for Training and Research
  • The Ecosystem Approach and Systems Thinking                                         Oct. 2016
    Online course offered by the UN Environment Program and Concordia University
  • Basic Assessor Training on EFQM                                                                           2016
    Online course on organizational quality assessment based on the European Foundation for Quality
  • Leadership, Sustainability and Ethics                                                             June.2016
    Online course offered by the Earth Charter organization
  • Quality Internal Auditing ISO 9001:2015                                                                2015
    TUV NORD, Dammam, KSA

Teaching Experience

I worked as a graduate assistant and lecturer for a total of three years at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia ( Graduate Assistant  July 2010-2011;  Lecturer Aug. 2015 – Aug 2017). During this time, I had the pleasure of teaching several courses ( listed below). I have gained many skills from the experience of being an instructor, such as exam development techniques, performance evaluation methods, as well as mentoring and teaching skills. I used to encourage my students to think about engineering from a broader perspective, not just technical and to think about harnessing the power of engineering to create solutions that would make the world a better place for generations to come.To serve this purpose further I designed a new course titled “Engineering for Sustainable Development ” integrate sustainability with engineering ( syllabus listed below).

  • Courses Taught

ISE307: Engineering Economics ( Taught five sections) (ISE307 Syllabus)

ISE323 Lab-Work and Process Improvement (ISE323 Syllabus)

ISE201 Introduction to Industrial Engineering (ISE201 Syllabus)

IEE201: Lab-Electric Circuit 1

  • Proposal for New course (has not been taught yet)

  ISE450 Engineering for Sustainable Development ( Proposal)

Professional Experience

 Instrumentation Engineers at Aramco Dhahran, Saudi Arabia  Feb.-July 2010

  • Coordinated with Aramco and the contractors for expanding the electrical power plant in Riyadh
  • Formulated technical solutions for field instrumentation defects

Internship as  Project Engineer at Aramco, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia  Mar.–June 2008

  • Coordinated project for expanding sewage water treatment plant in Dhahran
  • Evaluated the project drawings and plans according to Aramco technical standards
  • Followed up with the contractors to evaluate project progress

 Selected Projects

Developing Accountability and Transparency Policy for Saudi NGO -Apr. 2016

 (Funded Project with Center of Excellence in Development of Non-Profit Org. at KFUPM)

  • Developed a matrix to measure transparency in Saudi NGO based on best global governance practices
  • Proposed policies to Improve current Saudi accountability matrix for NGO based on best global practice


Applied Project: Designing a Model for Capacity Building of Humanitarian Engineers Spring 2015

  • Studied various academic and non-academic humanitarian engineering (HE) programs/organizations
  • Studied Literature Review in social & critical pedagogy, community development, and HE education
  • Designed a survey answered by 186 members of Engineers Without Borders
  • Analyzed the survey and collected data through inductive analysis, social & critical pedagogy theories
  • Designed a capacity-building model for humanitarian engineers

Enterprise Modeling                                                                                        Fall 2014

  • Led Six-Sigma project to improve the food service of Steak ‘N Shake restaurants (DMAIC, lean)
  • Built IDEF0 Model, process map (using Visio) to define opportunities for improvement
  • Analyzed deficiency in the process (and developed process improvement graphs (using Minitab)
  • Made recommendations to improve the service processes, which resulted in a 60% process improvement

Quality Score Application for IO company                                                Spring 2013        

  • Designed an application to load data, link records, perform inspection process, & display the quality result as control chart using VBA in Microsoft Excel & with ODBC connection to MySQL
  • Designed the ER and Relational models for Database

Airport Security Service Simulation                                                             Fall 2013

  • Analyzed deficiencies within the SEATAC security lines that cause a delay
  • Made recommendations to improve the security lines’ efficiency resulting in 63% improvement (Lean)
  • Built multiple simulation models (using: SLAM) after completing Goodness fit test
  • Compared the results of the SLAM models and chose the optimum model


Leadership Position and Roles

Co-Founder, Arab Youth for Sustainable Development Network  

International Ambassador, Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)     Oct.2016- Current

  • Represent GEN the UN meetings (Eco Soc Youth and High-Level Political Forums)
  • Organize workshops on sustainable development, renewable energies, and ecovillage

Young Leader, Earth Charter organization                                           July 2016-Current

  • Organize a workshop on sustainability and ethics
  • Facilitate online training on Eco literacy and sustainability
  • Write and publish research articles on the earth charter principles

Co-Founder, Better Together (interfaith organization) at ASU, Tempe, Arizona                                                                                                                                         Mar.2014- May2015

  • Led the founding members on meeting for writing the vision, mission, and goals of the organization
  • Organized several community service project for the organization members
  • Led interfaith group visits to several religious organizations to build a strong interfaith network

Program Coordinator, Volunteering work unit at KFUPM, Dhahran, KSA
                                                                                                                          Aug.  2010- Aug. 2011 

  • Led a one-week long awareness program for enhancing volunteerism among college student
  • Managed a conference about empowering volunteers
  • Led many volunteers group in community service activities (feeding needy, visiting prisons)

General Published Articles

An article about Engaging Middle Eastern Youth in sustainable development published Global Common Review (GCR). 

An article about my experience at MIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp published at the Earth Charter

An article about integrating the Earth Charter Principles on engineering education published at the Earth Charter

An article about enhancing the role and application of engineering  in humanitarian context published at the Earth Charter



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